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Posted on Monday, February 26th, 2024 at 5:12 pm    

At Wallace Miller, our commitment to justice extends beyond the courtroom. We know the legal system can seem unapproachable and intimidating, so we try to find ways to make it more accessible to the public. Knowledge is power, and we’re happy that we can be part of empowering people to seek justice for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

In an effort to support our Chicagoland and Midwest community, we conduct monthly interviews on the WGN Radio 720 show “Let’s Get Legal” with host Jon Hansen. This radio show, sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association, is every Saturday from 1 pm to 3 pm and explores topics pertaining to all different areas of the law. They bring in local legal experts to analyze news stories, discuss cases, and answer questions from the listeners.  


Get caught up: 

December 2023 – Edward A. Wallace 

In our inaugural appearance on “Let’s Get Legal,” Edward A. Wallace, one of the founders of Wallace Miller, delves into his journey to becoming an attorney, how Wallace Miller got started, and the challenges of taking on pharmaceutical giants and big businesses to champion the rights of the everyday person. Listen to the interview. 

January 2024 – Molly Condon Wells 

Molly Condon Wells, a Partner at Wallace Miller, engages in a thought-provoking conversation about her path to becoming an attorney. She shares her focus on Sexual Abuse civil cases and sheds light on the legal challenges involved. Listen to the interview to explore the complexities of her work and the dedication required to advocate for survivors. 

February 2024 – Timothy E. Jackson 

Timothy E. Jackson joins the airwaves to discuss his journey into the legal realm. As a specialist in Product Liability and Toxic Exposure cases, he explains his goal of making products just 1% safer for consumers. Listen to the interview for an in-depth exploration of the litigations he undertakes and their impact on public safety. 

March 2024 – Nicholas P. Kelly 

Nicholas P. Kelly joins host Jon Hansen to talk about why he got into personal injury law, why this work is so rewarding, and how Wallace Miller can help you. Listen to the interview for valuable information about what to do if you or someone you love is in a car accident.

April 2024 – Jessica Wieczorkiewicz

Attorney Jessica Wieczorkiewicz joins host Jon Hanson to talk about how her early days working on the defendant side of cases made her a stronger plaintiff litigator, what it means to be part of a leadership committee for a multi-district litigation, and her current work on the Suboxone case. Listen to the full interview here.


May 2024 – Debbie Pritts

Debbie Pritts, Legal Nurse Consultant, joins host Jon Hansen to discuss her work as a Legal Nurse Consultant, how she’s involved in cases at Wallace Miller, and share her knowledge about why medical records are such a critical element of mass tort and personal injury litigations. Listen to the full interview here.


June 2024 – Timothy E. Jackson

Wallace Miller partner Timothy E. Jackson joins Jon Hansen to discuss emerging litigation against certain manufacturers of baby food products. These products contain dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals, which may have substantially contributed to young children developing lifelong brain injuries. Listen to the full interview here.


June 2024 – Matthew Goldstein

Matthew Goldstein joins host Jon Hansen to discuss his work as a class action attorney at Wallace Miller, how he continues to reap the benefits of participating in Mock Trial in high school, and they do a deep dive into a predatory lending litigation against ZocaLoans. Listen to the full interview here.



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