Case Referrals

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Often, the best way for a lawyer to serve a client’s interests is to refer his or her client to another firm. Whether the referral is due to a potential conflict of interest, because the case is outside of the lawyer’s practice area or involves complex administrative or financial demands, or because the lawyer just believes another firm is able to better serve the client —the important thing is that the client’s case finds the right home. At Wallace Miller, we view a case referral from another attorney as a compliment, and as part of our partnership with the referring firm, we treat it with the level of respect it deserves. Some referring lawyers want us to completely handle all issues, including all client communication. Others do not; we realize there is no one size fits all relationship and are prepared to work with you to mutually work to serve the client’s needs.

We have the experience, resources, and structure to effectively handle a broad range of cases in any court in the county. A primary focus of our practice, however, is on representing plaintiffs in mass tort litigation—involving defective or dangerous pharmaceuticals, medical devices and toxic substances—and our nationally recognized attorneys, full-time legal nurse consultant, and highly trained team are well-suited to give your client the personalized attention they deserve. If your firm is interested in referring us your case, please contact us​

Co-Counsel Projects

At Wallace Miller, we pride ourselves on our ability to work cooperatively and successfully with like-minded attorneys. We strongly believe that by partnering with co-counsel we can more effectively use the court system to right wrongs and demand accountability for our clients. Over the last two decades, Wallace Miller’s attorneys have built a reputation for their outstanding teamwork and collaboration on nationwide, groundbreaking litigation. Whether you are looking for a firm to lead the case or work diligently behind the scenes, Wallace Miller is always open to discussing new co-counsel relationships. Reach out to one of our attorneys to discuss how we can work together.

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