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Dog Bite Lawyer In Chicago

Most dogs make for wonderful pets and would never attack someone unprovoked. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and when dogs do bite people, they can cause severe, long-term harm. Victims of dog bites may miss work, suffer from psychological distress, and need to pay expensive medical bills. Those are heavy burdens, but a dog bite lawyer in Chicago can help.

The Chicago dog bite attorneys of Wallace Miller understand your pain and can help you fight for fair compensation. With more than two decades of experience and a proven track record, we have what it takes to win. You can rest and recuperate while we deal with the insurance companies and handle all the technical details. Call (312) 261-6193 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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    Why You Need a Chicago Dog Bite Lawyer

    A Chicago dog bite lawyer is an essential ally if you intend to file an injury claim for a dog bite. An attorney can help you understand Illinois’s complex dog bite laws and which details of your case will be crucial in proving the dog’s owner should compensate you for your injury.

    An experienced dog bite attorney can also help assess the full extent of your losses. This includes your medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Without a lawyer, you might undervalue your claim or overlook the long-term effects of the injury when you’re putting together your compensation demand.

    Another thing a dog bite lawyer can do for you is deal with insurance companies. These companies aim to minimize any payouts they make to injured parties. A lawyer can advocate on your behalf, negotiating for an appropriate settlement and making sure you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

    Finally, hiring a dog bite lawyer provides you with peace of mind. They can handle the legal complexities of your claim while you focus on your recovery. If you don’t hire an attorney, the stress and uncertainty of handling your case yourself can hinder your healing process.

    Why Choose Wallace Miller for Your Chicago Dog Bite Case?

    Dog bite cases in Chicago involve significant legal challenges, and not every firm can handle these complex issues. Here’s why Wallace Miller is the right choice to handle your case:

    Deep Experience in Personal Injury Law

    Our team focuses on complex personal injury claims, meaning your case benefits from our years of experience and a knowledgeable approach to preparing your claim.

    Strong Client Relationships

    We value the trust you place in us and work hard to build a strong, supportive relationship with you throughout your case.

    National Recognition

    The national recognition we’ve earned from organizations like Super Lawyers highlights our broad experience and commitment to excellence in complex litigation and our determination to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

    Tailored Legal Strategies

    We’ll listen to your story and craft a legal strategy that meets your needs, taking in every detail of your case while giving you the personalized attention you deserve.

    Past Success in High-Stakes Litigation

    Our track record in managing complex, high-stakes cases demonstrates our capability to handle your case professionally and skillfully.

    Client-Centric Fee Structure

    You do not owe us any fees unless we can recover compensation for your injuries. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for you.

    Common Injuries from Dog Bites in Chicago

    Dog bites can lead to many injuries, some of which can be quite serious. Here are common injuries from dog bites:

    • Puncture Wounds: These wounds occur when a dog’s teeth penetrate the skin, potentially reaching muscles and bones. If bacteria from the dog’s mouth enter the body, they can also cause severe infections.
    • Lacerations: A dog’s teeth can cause severe tears and cuts in skin and muscle tissue. These wounds affect not just the skin but also underlying tissues and muscles. They often require surgical treatment to repair.
    • Bruising and Swelling: The force of a bite can cause significant bruising and swelling in the affected area. This can result in intense pain.
    • Nerve Damage: Serious bites can damage nerves, leading to loss of sensation or motor function in the affected area. Whether these effects are temporary or permanent depends on the injury’s severity.
    • Broken Bones: Larger, more muscular dogs can exert enough force to break or fracture bones, especially in the hands, arms, or legs.
    • Infections: Dog bites can introduce harmful bacteria, leading to infections like cellulitis. In rare cases, more serious infections like rabies or tetanus can occur if the dog has not received proper vaccinations.
    • Emotional Trauma: Victims of dog bites often experience anxiety, fear of dogs, or PTSD. They may require psychological support or therapy.

    Illinois and Chicago Dog Bite Laws

    Illinois law says that if a dog attacks someone without provocation, its owner is liable for any injuries. This rule applies as long as the victim was legally permitted to be where the attack occurred. Similarly, a dog bite victim cannot recover compensation if they provoked the dog, were trespassing, or were committing a crime when they were bitten. However, as long as all these conditions apply, the dog’s owner is liable “for the full amount of the injury.”

    It’s also important to know that Illinois uses a “strict liability” model for dog bite claims. In plain English, that means it does not matter whether the dog’s owner knew the dog was dangerous before they bit you. All that matters is whether the victim meets the conditions described above.

    Finally, local laws in Chicago can help prove a dog owner’s liability in these cases. For example, the Municipal Code of Chicago says dogs are not allowed off their owner’s property without a leash. Additionally, dog owners must keep their pets under their control at all times when off their property. The penalties for breaking this law include a fine of up to $10,000. Breaking this law can be evidence of a dog owner’s negligent actions, which can help an attorney establish that the owner is liable for your injuries.

    Deadline to File a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Chicago

    It’s important to act quickly to protect your legal rights after a dog bite. Under Illinois law, you only have two years from the date you were bitten to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. If you miss this deadline, the courts will most likely dismiss your claim, even if you have strong evidence to support your case. That means you will probably lose your chance to recover compensation for your injuries.

    There’s another reason to contact a Chicago dog bite lawyer immediately: preservation of crucial evidence. The proof you need to substantiate your claim can quickly disappear or deteriorate, but a lawyer can help preserve it. Talking to a lawyer immediately increases your chances of winning your claim and means they can better protect your rights.

    Compensation for Chicago Dog Bites

    Dog bites can cause substantial physical, emotional, and financial harm, making it essential to seek as much compensation as possible. With help from an experienced and capable dog bite lawyer, you can pursue compensation for the following losses:

    • Medical Expenses: This category includes the cost of immediate treatment, surgeries, and ongoing therapies. It covers everything from emergency room fees to long-term rehabilitation expenses.
    • Future Medical Expenses: If your injuries require ongoing medical care, you can claim compensation for the projected costs. This is important for injuries with long-term effects.
    • Lost Wages: If your injuries forced you to miss work, you can claim the income you lost during this period. This includes both your regular salary and any lost overtime opportunities.
    • Loss of Earning Capacity: Depending on the severity and nature of your injuries, a dog bite could reduce your future earning capability. This category considers how your career prospects and potential earnings changed due to your injuries.
    • Pain and Suffering: This category covers your physical pain and emotional distress. It factors in the severity of your injuries and their impact on your quality of life.
    • Property Damage: If your personal belongings were damaged during the incident, you can demand compensation for their replacement or repair costs. This may include things like torn clothing or broken watches.

    What to Do After a Dog Bite in Chicago

    Dog Bite Lawyer In Chicago

    Your actions in the coming days and weeks have an outsized impact on a dog bite claim. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what steps to take to protect your legal rights. Here’s what to do:

    Document Everything

    Keep a record of the incident, including photos, witness information, and any communication related to the bite.

    Follow Medical Advice

    Adhere to all of your doctor’s medical recommendations and keep records of your treatments and diagnoses.

    Report the Incident

    Inform local authorities or animal control about the bite to create an official record of the incident.

    Avoid Direct Communication with the Dog Owner or Their Insurer

    Direct any contact from the owner’s insurance company to your attorney to avoid jeopardizing your claim.

    Avoid Social Media

    Refrain from discussing the incident on social media platforms. Anything you post could be taken out of context and used to devalue your claim.

    Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Seek legal advice to understand your rights and the best course of action for your specific situation.

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