Happy Anniversary! Two Years of Wallace Miller

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Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 at 4:10 pm    


A letter from Edward Wallace and Mark Miller


When we embarked on this adventure two years ago, we agreed that we must not foul up this opportunity by overcomplicating things but, instead, must simply persevere, even when doing so was not easy. Covid was a thing, there was a great deal of uncertainty in the world, and we are sure that some questioned why we would take a risk by leaving a well-established firm to just “jump in the deep end.”

Well, we did—with the shared values of embracing hard work, being able to think outside the box, and going the distance for our valued clients. We have not wavered in these commitments and neither have those that we are proud to call our co-workers. We recognize that we are far from perfect and that sometimes the wheels of justice do not move fast enough, but we do our best to face those challenges head-on each day.

Yet, if there is one word that comes to mind at the end of two years, it is gratitude. Gratitude for the many friends and work colleagues who reached out to us encouraging our journey, gratitude for those who came with us from our former firm, gratitude for our colleagues at the former firm for the years we spent together, gratitude for the wonderful new co-workers who said they were ready and excited to join us at this firm called Wallace Miller, and most of all, gratitude for our clients who deserve our very best.

We are constantly reminded that time waits for no one, that life is happening now, and that we should live it. We try to make lives better through our work. And that work continues. But today, we will pause for a moment to simply say thank you, and to observe and gratefully acknowledge the awesome beauty and wonder of what we have encountered during our two-year journey.


Thank you.

Ed & Mark

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